Metropolitan Police – PCeU

“[This was] a case involving sophisticated fraud on the internet banking system. It required a detailed and skilful examination of voluminous emails.  The assimilation of the material resulted in the preparation of the case, so cogent that it led to the defendants pleading guilty.”

Judge’s comments made at Snaresbrook County Court stated in a certificate of commendation regarding a PcEU operation – the UK’s largest multi-million pound phishing fraud to date. The operation was entirely run on Clue software.


Metropolitan Police

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Economic and Specialist Crime Directorate conducted a complex enquiry into two criminals that provided information to HM Revenue and Customs informing them where a large number of firearms and drugs were concealed. Originally sentenced to 18 years for importation of drugs they were released after 11 months. After calls for an enquiry into the reduced sentences an investigation took place to prove the information given was an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

After a lengthy investigation evidence was obtained from over 20 law enforcement agencies. A number of individuals arrested or interviewed under caution during 2006/7. There were a number of complex disclosure issues due to the amount of documents and statements obtained. At the conclusion of the trail the conspirators were sentenced to 54 year imprisonment


Jersey Customs and Immigration

In 2006 the States of Jersey Customs & Excise Department merged with the Immigration Department to become the Customs & Immigration Service.  The Service employs approximately 80 people, most of which are operational personnel.  The Service is committed to providing a strong and effective border control and has a broad remit. In late 2006 a need was identified to review the IT systems supporting the enforcement disciplines

The current system could no longer support these needs and a new system was urgently required to meet the specific demands of a merged Service. It needed to be accessible from remote locations with a requirement to communicate with other systems. BOM worked with staff from States of Jersey Customs and Immigration to provide a robust intelligence management tool.