About Clue

Clue® has a pedigree stretching back over 25 years, firmly establishing itself as the leading provider of investigation management software within UK law enforcement.

The Clue® team have over 100 years of combined experience in the investigation software market, providing unrivalled domain expertise which is used to ensure that the Clue® investigative tools are best of breed and support for customers is of the highest quality.

Clue® has strengthened its senior management team over the past 12 months, in order to support the anticipated growth in the UK investigation software market.

"its success is its simplicity and speed"

Clue® allows the user to apply existing and developing investigative processes by maintaining a list of Actions, Intelligence, Statements, Exhibits, Transcripts, Policy Decisions and other associated documents. Once the data is entered, the information is available to the investigation team at the touch of a button.
As well as managing large investigations Clue® also caters for smaller enquiries where other larger systems are not normally deployed. An investigation can be quickly and cost effectively set up and managed using limited personnel; in fact, a case can be managed by one individual. The flexibility of the application allows an investigator to perform a number of roles without the need for extensive training.

Clue® is a registered trademark of ‘Clue Computing Ltd'